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Dev Guy can then add the photo to a website.A reference to the photo is created in the Dev Guy website database.

It still may be possible to add the photos to another none Dev Guy website. But it may require additional development by Dev Guy and your website developers. This may depend upon your website and the skills of your current website developers.

This step is an optional step and can be omitted if required.

Key Points

  • Dev Guy can add the photos into a Gallery on your website.*
  • Dev Guy can add the photos onto the frontpage of your website.* i.e Last 12 photos.
  • Dev Guy websites can create a unique webpage per photo. For the example above the link is here on Eye Candy Nails Website.
  • Dev Guy websites can have a search to find the required photo, by photographer, date/time, photo description entered in at Take A Photo step.
  • Dev Guy websites have a Pinterest pin button next to the image, so clients can pin the image straight to a Pinterest board.
  • Why? For several benefits:-
    • Make your website more interesting. Adding new photos to your website makes it alot more interesting. This will drive people to return to your website to see your new work, or your new products.
    • Your website footprint grows, i.e the number of pages increases. This means the number of links in Search engines, such as Google will grow too. There is alot of rules in search engines and search engine ranking, but having dynamic great content, thats growing everyday will help grow your business.
    • Existing customers and new ones will start visiting your website, making choices and hopefully further purchases of your products/services.
  • This process is pretty quick and can take a few seconds to complete, once your website structure is present.

This step is automatic and completed by Dev Guy.*

* Non Dev Guy Websites may not be able to accept content like this. It depends upon the type of website, Static or Dynamic. Plus your current web developers may need to do work on your website. Changing\moving to a Dev Guy website is always an option, worth considering. Content can also be published from existing websites into Dev Guy, to publish to your social networks.

Discuss Your Requirements or Require Further Information

If you would like to discuss your requirements or require any further information, then please don't hesitate to contact Dev Guy. Skype or Google Hangout sessions can be arranged to demo software.

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