Malwarebytes PC Protection

Is your PC running slow?

Often we get asked:-

"The computer is running slow, it was ok! Why?" or "Our web browser is behaving oddly, Why?".

We Recommend Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium

This is a great piece of software, to install on your pc or Server, to tidy it up. It gets rid of nastys (Malware, Spyware, adware, rootkits Virus,trojans and much more).

It downloads and installs quickly. It Scans your pc looking for nastys that you don't want on there. If it finds any, it sorts them out. The Premium version protects 3 pcs for a year in realtime and stops the nastys from getting onto your pc in the first place, by realtime monitoring.

Even if you have antivirus software already running, this software will find alot of other nastys on your pc, that just your current Antivirus software alone may not find.

So if you are having problems, this is well worth a try.

Yes it won't cure everything, if your hardware is not fast etc, but if your pc has started having problems, then give this a go. It is so good, and we recommend it so often, we created a page for it. So Dev Guy can point clients straight at it. There is a free download, but we recommend for the cost of it, to get the Premium version. (Premium version contains Realtime monitoring, that is not available in the 30 day free version).

Don't just take our recommendation for it, it is recommended by,CNET and alot more.

Download It from the Official Site Below:-

Download it from the official site only, here:-

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