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"Hi my name is Cheryl, myself and my husband Daz, had 2 websites and email accounts on hosting that was due to expire. We contacted Aubrey as he was recommended to us by Rachel of Reckage At Home, to see if he could move them for us."

Aubrey visited us and told us what we already knew, our websites were developed some time ago and were not mobile friendly and looking dated. Due to the sites not being mobile friendly, our websites were not a great user experience, as most websites, now get most visitors on a mobile.

Aubrey liaised with our current developer and got the website code and access to our email accounts. Our current developer was not interested anymore.

The first thing Aubrey did was create us Google Apps accounts for our 2 businesses and linked them to our domains. This was great as we struggled to access our emails, due to complicated settings etc. But by using google mail. We could just install Google Apps or use webmail to access emails.

Aubrey migrated all our existing emails into the Google Apps Email Accounts, so we didn’t lose anything.

Aubrey then worked on Daz’s website D Swallow Builder He took the existing code and migrated, the code and images to a new website, that was a lot cleaner and mobile friendly. He made a few minor changes to content, and also added a Contact form onto the website, so potential customers could contact us.

Aubrey then tackled my website

There was more work with my website than with Dazs. I wanted my website to have a completely new look and new content. Clients use my website a lot to view my fitness class timetable and class information. Aubrey came up with a fresh and new clean looking design for my website. With coloured sections to different parts of my website.

He even managed to bring my ageing logo of 22 years (Bee), back to life, by redefining the edges as it was very blurred. I had since lost the original image many years ago. Of course Aubrey made the site mobile friendly, with different tweaked looks for different devices.

Aubrey came up with a new Timetable layout for my classes and coloured sections on the page. I too have a contact form, allowing interested people to contact me quickly and easily.B Fit With Cheryl

Aubrey found some fantastic hosting for us, and both our business paid for a 100 years hosting at a fantastic price, with a great award winning internet host. Aubrey set up our websites for us and all was completed very quickly and professionally, to the agreed price.

The websites also use https (Secure Channel), This gives us a minor increase in google rankings, but Aubrey managed to give this to us for free by using the Content Delivery Network (CDN) with offers a free SSL website service.

Would you recommend Dev Guy?

We couldn’t be more happier with Aubrey’s work, I have already recommended Aubrey and will continue to do so.

Kind Regards

Cheryl Swallow

Fitness & Personal Trainer
email:[email protected]

Date: 23rd September 2016

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