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Reckage at home

Neil and Rachael"Hi - our name is Neil & Rachael and we own Reckage at home based in Sprotborough, Doncaster."

We initially met Aubrey of Dev Guy, when he called in to our store in Doncaster. We had just launched our website a few days earlier, which had just been developed by a different company. We asked Aubrey what he thought of it and if he could help us with Search Engine Optimisation. Aubrey went away and did an analysis of the website and to our suprise there were basic fundamental issues wrong with the site. Not being technical we didn't know about these. Aubrey worked with our our developers to close all the issues he raised about the website. However in doing so, we realised that we may as well just work directly with Aubrey. Our initial developers were hard to work with and everything took ages, to do.

We decided to move the website from the poor hosting that it was on with our initial developers, at times pages would not show and the site wasn't fully what we wanted. We moved it all under Aubrey's control. Aubrey explained the main issues was a hosting issue. He proved this with some site uptime monitoring, which showed how long the site was taking to return to the browser. He moved it for us to some lightning fast hosting, and made lots of sensible changes for us. We have never looked back!

We also had meetings with Aubrey and he has helped us greatly with our strategy and direction on Social Media. We wanted to use Social media to help grow our online business. We were already on Facebook, but not on Twitter etc. Aubrey's expertise helped us get alot of Twitter followers to get us started.

We do use Social Media Publishing and we do use Aubrey to do alot of our Social Media posts. He is efficient organised and does everything, that he says he will.

Neil and RachaelAubrey made a huge change for us, we can login to our Backoffice area of our website. In the product list, we can select a product to publish to social networks. We can then alter the standard product text to be posted, schedule and press go. This post then goes to all our social networks everywhere, with the product image and a link to it on the website. This is all via the Social Media Publishing service.

We now know what Hashtags are and how to use them effectively, via some online tools he has shown us. Its not just a word with a # on the front. :)

We also utilise the phone camera option, to snap adhoc photos of our store, right a quick description and press upload. When when we get new fab products etc etc This upload is then visible on our social networks in seconds. It is a great time saver.

It is great having an expert to call on, not only on websites, but on social media, as everything these days is related. We can now see our online prescence and our business growing.

Would You Recommend Dev Guy?

We already have and will continue to do so. We invited Aubrey and his family to a Christmas doo. And now he is more than just our web site man, he is a trusted member of our team and a friend too.

Kind Regards

Neil & Rachael

Owners - Reckage at home.
email:[email protected]

Reckage At Home

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